Aga DIY Service
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Who are we, and where are we?

Our business address is:
Rew Cottage
Buckland Newton
England DT2 7DN
Tel: +44 (0) 1300 634634
We are David, George and Jonathan and, with our respective families, we live in rural Dorset, England. The agadiyservice web site was born out of intense frustration in 2004! The cost of servicing and the technical mystery applied to the trade eventually got through to us and we decided to record how to perform a basic service with follow-up advice for specific problem-solving. Consequently, you should never need a visit from an engineer again. So, as technically competent individuals, we set about simplifying the process. The site is designed to show anyone who has the interest and enthusiasm to look after their agas exactly how to do it in easy steps, fully backed up with photographs of every stage. We also have a separate site which covers RAYBURNS (

Agas are, at their heart – and be sure that they do have a heart – very simple machines. And most problems have a simple solution. But fiddle about with the complicated bits – that were working fine until you did, and then you’ll have to get specialist help.

We have had very many satisfied customers, and we have asked for feedback from them by survey on a regular basis. With this, we improve the site, answer more FAQs, and strive to offer a genuinely worthwhile service including spares and spare parts for agas and RAYBURNS to complete a repair.